Why an Emergency Response Program?

History has taught us that incidents happen and are possible in any industry and location. What is the main concern with these incidents and why is the rush to test so vital? Wouldn’t the only concern be to just clean up the situation? Every incident is unique and can have a wide variety of impacts on our environment. Some of the problems aren’t as obvious and can affect animals and humans either directly or through water sources, plants, soil, or air. This in turn may affect migration, the economy, or even survival of certain species. Surface contamination has a more visible impact so we place a priority on these incidents to prevent harm to wildlife and natural landmarks. When we see wildlife affected by oil spills, or ocean surfaces and beaches gleaming with the sheen of petroleum, it is heartbreaking to watch it visibly spread. Invisible spills, leaks, and water contamination can also have a lasting effect on nature if not addressed properly from the onset. Without visible evidence, these contaminants can penetrate the soil and potentially impact the watersheds and rivers that provide our drinking water. Not properly testing, containing, and mitigating potential concerns initially will lead to higher costs and increased labor as the cleanup progresses  

The experts at ESC are here to help identify which contaminants will have the greatest impact on underground resources. With controlled testing we can assist in determining the extent and spread of the potential contaminants. Many factors must be taken into consideration, including weather conditions, the chemistry of the potential contaminant, and the environment where the incident occurred. Receiving accurate test results in the fastest time frame possible for soil, water, or air is essential to assessing and mitigating situations to provide the best possible results for wildlife, the environment, and humans.

We are interested in helping in the recovery of the environment after potential incidents as quickly as possible and providing the best of service to lessen the cost of recovery for our client. We want to help you and your company recover as quickly as possible with the most reliable results. That’s why we can and will have a team ready to prepare, sample, and test within hours of an incident with a simple phone call. You can customize your service depending on the level of assistance you need, whether a complete on-site mobilization or simply providing test results in electronic format. We are here to work with you for a successful response!

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