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We want to offer you more than a job, we want to offer you a career with us. As an employee-owned company, we provide a positive work environment with progressive benefits. We are interested in individuals who want to build a future - our future - together. Life balance is important so we want to make sure you are taking care of your mind and body through our comprehensive wellness program. So whether you are just out of school, or a seasoned professional, we think you'll find a career opportunity here interesting and fulfilling. Just ask our current employees about their great experiences at Pace National through our employee testimonials.


We are aware of a potential phishing scam where individuals are misrepresenting themselves as Pace Analytical® employees. Please note that a Pace representative would never ask for your bank account information over the phone, prior to hire.


I'm sure other people will tell you about career advancement opportunities at Pace National, and how Pace National encourages continued education, reimbursing for good grades and allowing for flexible schedules. They might also tell you about our great benefits package including the ESOP. I want to tell you about something a little bit different. I want to tell you about the health conscious culture we are striving to create at Pace National. Along with my regular work, I have been privileged to be a part of our safety committee, financial committee, and now our wellness committee as well. While working with the wellness committee I have been a part of creating health awareness through testing, informational lectures, a garden club, and some really fun contests. Pace National also sponsors a lot of our healthy ventures outside of work in our greater community such as races, relays, our soccer teams, and our very own dragon boat team. Encouraging healthy activities outside of work and bringing health awareness to our working environment continues to grow the wellness aspect of our team oriented culture and that is very important to me. I hope that it is important to you as well!

— Lee Nelson, Assistant Chemist

Pace National provides lab services for the whole country and it can be very busy at times, so flexibility is a must. But, it can also be very rewarding. I enjoy working here because it is a relatively small organization where even the CEO takes the time to know you as a person and make you feel appreciated. It is also evident that my co-workers are talented, motivated, understand the importance of the work they do and that they take pride in doing it. I plan to stay at Pace National because of the great people and the opportunities for professional growth.

— Casey Gwaltney, Chemist

Pace National is not afraid to make the investments necessary to advance the science of environmental analytical work. This is one of the greatest benefits that I perceive working here. We have made investments over the last few years in some of the “latest and greatest” instrumentation and technology available and relevant to our line of work. These investments have allowed implementation of new process and methodology, much of which developed right here in house, that significantly impacts our fiscal bottom line in many ways and has placed us at the front of the environmental market. No less valuable, these same advancements have significantly reduced Pace National's local environmental footprint and surely will be among the seeds that will ultimately lead to the reduction of the entire industry's impact on the environment.

Pace National, in my opinion, is a very generous employer. One of the first observations I had about working here was the employee focus that exists. Pace National provides a great deal of benefit to every employee. We maintain a rather generous matching of funds for 401k contributions. The company has an open book policy meaning that every employee can access the important numbers and “see the score” at any time. Also, Pace National has an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) available to all employees which means that we all own, or can own a portion of stock in the company.

Pace National is a great place to work. The staff and management here are always seeking and implementing ways to optimize the processes and are always open to suggestion from all levels and perspectives. There is a great deal of opportunity for an individual with a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. The driven focus and secure planning of our management and executives feels to me like an assurance of longevity in our economic time. Our continued interest and investment in advancement will keep us at the front of and setting new standards for our market. All this while not sacrificing the welfare of the employee and in fact actually investing in their individual wellness and morale makes Pace National my lab of choice.

— Blake Judge, Chemist